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About Us

Launched in 2020 and established in South Africa, is an online platform dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality products to South Africans and neighbouring countries. 

Our mission is to revolutionise online shopping by bringing goods directly from their source, working with emerging brands to offer quality and affordable products superior to those currently in the market, and expanding our product ranges to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to care more, providing a personalised shopping experience that large corporations can't match.

Founded with the idea of bringing reliable, premium-quality, and affordable appliances to South African customers, has grown into a popular marketplace. We offer a wide range of products, including kitchen and home appliances, pet products, computer accessories, and baby items, across various categories such as electronics, lifestyle, media, pet care, and energy solutions.

Since its inception, has rapidly expanded, reaching customers nationwide and attracting visitors from the United States, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and India. As a dynamic and growing e-commerce retailer in South Africa, we safely deliver orders across the country and parts of neighbouring countries, building a loyal customer base through shared interests and a commitment to excellence.

We are constantly working hard to grow our product ranges and expand into different categories, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our customers.

At, our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to care more and deliver better service than large corporations. We are passionate about providing our customers with the best shopping experience, every time.

Our Vision

To revolutionise online shopping by providing affordable, high-quality products directly from the source.

Our Mission

To offer superior, affordable products from emerging brands, ensuring a personalised shopping experience.

Our Values

Quality, affordability, innovation, and personalised customer care.